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Vein Center of Ventura

Cardiovascular Surgeons, Dominic J. Tedesco and Lamar J. Bushnell, created the Vein Center of Ventura with the goal of providing safe, minimally invasive, state-of-the-art technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders. These Doctors have a 40 year combined experience treating patients in Southern California. Each patient is evaluated individually using the newest, most advanced diagnostic equipment. Veinlite technology and Duplex Ultrasound Scanning are used to visualize the patient’s leg vein anatomy, and to determine the exact source of the underlying problem. This evaluation is essential and used to formulate a specific treatment plan. The Vein Center of Ventura specializes in sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy and Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA).

varicose vein examination at the Vein Center

Diagnosis of Venous Disorders

Varicose veins and telangectasias (spider veins) are easily seen on physical examination. The symptoms of longstanding venous insufficiency such as leg swelling, skin changes or ulceration are also evident.
varicose veins

Treatment of Large Vein Incompetence

The procedure is minimally invasive and results in less pain, faster recovery, and better cosmetic results than ligation and stripping. In addition, there is a high success rate (>95%) for long term closure.
spider veins

Treatment of Smaller Veins

Our surgeons use Veinlite technology and polarized lenses to assist them in visualizing tiny veins, and accessing them with very fine needles.
Legs after varicose vein treatment at the Vein Center

The Laser Advantage, Small Zap Equals More Zip

Less invasive than surgery and with a lower complication rate, the laser treatment is well received by patients and gets them back on their feet faster.